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Disclaimer (valid version is the German version)

1. Content

The contents on the pages of MTC - Dr. Barth present a short description on portfolio of MTC - Dr. Barth. There is no liability on actuality, correctness or completeness on information presented. MTC - Dr. Barth may modify, actualize, add or delete pages or parts of pages or even may cease publication of the homepage temporarily or finally.

2. Links

External links that are beyond the control of MTC - Dr. Barth no liability is assumed. MTC - Dr. Barth declares that at the moment of setting links the linked pages did not have illegal content. MTC - Dr. Barth has no control on actual and prospective layout and contents of linked pages. The only liability is at the owner of the relevant homepage.

3. Copyrights, trade marks, registered marks

MTC - Dr. Barth tries to pay attention to all copyrights on publications, figures and texts. All presented trade / registered marks are property of the owner and may not be used without consent of the owner.
The copyright of own published texts, contents, figures and objects is exlusively at MTC - Dr. Barth. The use or even reproduction in any printed or electronic media is not permitted without explicitely agreement of MTC - Dr. Barth.

4. privacy, data privacy

MTC - Dr. Barth commits to prevent names or confidential information to be passed through to third-parties. On the other hand data of users may be kept by MTC - Dr. Barth, eg in order to supply requested information.

5. Concluding clauses

This disclaimer is part of the complete corresponding homepage. If one or more stipulation of this disclaimer should be or should become completely or partially ineffective then this shall not affect or prejudice the effectiveness of the remaining stipulation.

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