Profile of Dr. Dietmar Barth


Dr. Dietmar Barth, born in 1967, studied chemistry and made his doctoral thesis at the University of Würzburg under supervision of Prof. Dr. Helmut Werner. After a short period at a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland (TQM-/UM-Auditor) he worked as management representative for quality, environment and safety (IMS) in automotive. Then he worked many years as director of QM/QA at a full-service-supplier of consumer goods (development, manufacturing and filling of cosmetics and medical devices, technical and household products - especially aerosols), and for a period of more than 3 years he was responsible even for two sites.
In 2008 he started working freelance as a consultant, auditor and trainer, resulting in self-employment.

Besides dealing with sector-specific requirements and standards (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, OHSAS 18001, VDA 6.1, QS 9000, cosmetic-GMP / ISO 22716) he has a marked interest in similar standards and regulations or sectors (like pharmaceuticals, food stuff, public health, medical devices, chemistry / laboratories). By extensive dealings with multinationals he additionally got detailled knowledge on specific requirements of different affiliates.
Dr. Barth is well-experienced in auditing, GMP / cosmetic GMP, quality management, environmental management, filling of cosmetics, aerosols / filling of aerosols and saftey issues. In terms of cosmetic GMP Dr. Barth is a member of the working group cosmetics of DIN e.V.; formerly he participated as consultant on ISO 22716 and with the working group cosmetic GMP at the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW).

Job activities (examples):

  • implementation of quality- and environmental management systems, implementation of integrated management systems (IMS)
  • implementation of cosmetics GMP
  • performing audits (internal / external auditing)
  • reviewing management systems
  • conducting trainings (cosmetic GMP, QM, EM, OHS)
  • counselling on cosmetics GMP, environmental issues, waste
  • counselling on regulatory and legal issues (including occupational health and safety, product, transport of dangerous goods)
  • collaborating inspector on occupational health and safety
  • supervision of projects (sample production, initial productions)
  • Creation of operative instructions
  • implementation of synopsis on hazardous materials
  • participation as consultant on ISO 22716 and with the working group cosmetic GMP at IKW (German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association)

Qualifications (examples):

  • ExcipactTM standard (pharmaceutical excipients; 2012)
  • ICH Q7: manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (2012)
  • IFS-HPC auditor (2010)
  • ISO 22716 & Auditing (2010)
  • Expert for auditing – GMP auditor (2008)
  • Occupational health and safety officer (since 2001)
  • SCC: SGU representative
  • Total quality management auditor (since 1999)
  • Environmental management auditor (since 1999)
  • Commissioner for dangerous goods (since 1999)
  • Doctoral graduation (inorganic chemistry & biocemical toxicology, University of Würzburg, 1999)

Further knowledge (examples):

  • QEP - Qualität und Entwicklung in Praxen (Quality and development in medical / dental offices, 2009)
  • Accreditation of laboratories according to ISO 17025 (2009)
  • Medical devices (TÜV, 2005)
  • Environmental management systems / auditing (DGQ, 2004)
  • hazardous materials (TÜV, 2003)
  • Cosmetic GMP - 19 Qualiy Assurance Key Elements (P&G, 2002)
  • Company representative for the prevention of air-, water pollution and waste(StAk, 1999)
  • Commissioner on dangerous goods (IHK, 1999)
  • EFQM-/TQM assessor (EQ-Zert, 1999)
  • radiation protection representative (University of Würzburg, 1993)

Memberships (amongst others): GDCh, DGQ, DGK, SEPAWA


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