You are looking for ...

   … assistance in internal audits?

   … support for supplier audits / supplier qualification?

   … an independent check on your management system?

   … a review of your conformity to a standard?

   … site auditing according your special (hygenic) requirements?


We would like to assist you with qualifications in the field of TQM (total quality mnagement) auditor, EM (environmental management auditor and as highly-experienced expert for auditing / GMP auditor. Therefore professional audits (internal and external audits) can be conducted according to well-recognized rules of auditing (ISO 19011). „GAP – „good auditing practice – and confidentialty is a matter of course.

Due to the broad range of qualifications in the fields of quality, environemental issues, GMP (good manufacturing practice) and occupational health and safety (OHS) also combined audits can be performed:

  • performance of QM-, EM-/OHS-/HSE- and GMP audits
  • performance of combined audits
  • performance of system-, process-, procedure audits or specific audits
  • performance of qualified supplier audits (on request according to specific requirements)
  • performance of „internal audits (eg for self-assessment, self-checking, review of norm conformity)

Examples of basic standards and requirements you will find on the site „Management systems.

Comprehensive experience results from performing audits for many years as director of quality management and working as freelancer auditor for certification organizations.
In the past years audited sectors were, amongst others: automotive, chemistry, cosmetics, plastics / synthetic materials, laboratories, food stuff, logistics, machine engineering, blanc, packaging materials.

By manyfold practice especially in the fiels of consumer goods additionally we have knowledge on different customer-specific regulations / requirements (for more information see: —> Management systems)

For further norms and standards or specific regulations please contact us
(—> Contact)!


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